The Importance of Grade 12 University English

Tuesday, September 20, 2016 

Duresa Maloku

Grade 12 university english is an essential course that will benefit and aid students who are pursuing a post-secondary education. There are many programs in university that may require science or math courses, which makes it seem that english is a course that they don’t necessarily need. However, I believe grade 12 university English should still be a requirement for entry into all university programs, whether you “need” the course for your program or not.

I know a lot of you are probably thinking “I don’t even need English for the program I want to go into!” But think about it, you kind of do. English teaches us the basic skills that we need in our lives. How do you think we have improved our reading, writing, communication and listening skills? All through English! Every year we improve and learn new things and excel with these skills. It may not seem like you will need English for university because you may be going into medical/health/general science or a business and engineer program. Those programs focus more on math and science. However, that does not mean you will not be using English.

Personally, I would like to go into social science or criminology in post-secondary. Grade 12 english is a course that is essential for those programs and it is what will prepare me for university. For other students who may be going into the programs I listed earlier are going to need courses such as advanced functions, biology and chemistry. But it is important to remember that English is a course that is going to benefit us all in university. Whether we like it or not, English is a course that will be a part of us in university. I can guarantee that in university, we will all be writing an essay, or a lab report or some sort of research paper and guess what? We will be able to write those because of our skills we gained through English!

We’ll be using English every day in university, but it may not seem like that because the programs a lot of students will be taking may focus on other subjects more than English, but it does not mean we are not going to “need” it.

I did not realize how beneficial English was until grade 11. In grade 9 and 10, it was not a course that I took very seriously but in grade 11 the course became more difficult for me and I didn’t realize how poor my writing skills were until I started my first essay. But, hey! I have improved since grade 9 and I’m going to keep improving. Why? Because that is what English class does for us!

I don’t think many of us realize how important English really is. We learn something new every day through English. Any English class from grade 9-12 teaches us something new and prepares us for all of our classes and for years ahead. To be honest, it does not just prepare us for all our classes, but also for life. English improves our communication, listening, reading and writing skills and I think that these skills are essential for every day life, not just for university.

Right now, for some of us, English class may be our least favourite subject but I bet that a year from now, when we are in first year writing an essay or some sort of report, we will look back at this course and appreciate it more than we do now.




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