Why Read When you can Listen?


If I could use one word to describe how I feel after listening to that podcast it would be ” Wow.” Honestly, this was the first podcast I have ever listened to. In the past, I’ve tried to listen to a few here and there but they never really caught my attention. I found myself getting bored 3 minutes into it and I would always get distracted so I thought I shouldn’t even bother. But I really enjoyed this podcast. I think it was because it had to do with a murder case and those are my FAVOURITE. It’s like those television shows like the First 48, they’re so interesting and I love listening to the facts and making my own opinion on it. Anyway, that’s probably why I was so hooked to this. Serial presented this episode in a really good way. I think the narrator, Sarah, was a bold person. She wasn’t boring, and was fun to listen to so I think that’s what kept me listening to it more. I think by listening the case against Adan Syed, only having voices and facts being told out loud without any visuals was cool. I found myself picturing different scenes while listening to this, and picturing what Adnan or Hae looked like. The podcast really gets your imagination working.

Like I said earlier, I am not really a podcast type of person. I like reading and having the text in front of me, but listening to this podcast made me realize that listening to text rather than reading is pretty effective. I think it’s easier when you’re listening to it and hearing other voices and have someone tell you what’s happening rather than reading it. Reading texts such as this podcast seems like it would take me longer anyway. The problem with podcasts is distractions can happen easily. You can start to zone out while listening or even start day dreaming and you might not even notice until you zone back in and realize you didn’t catch a word that the narrator said in the past minute. But then again, zoning out can happen with reading too. Sometimes when listening, it may be going too fast for you or you missed a point the narrator said because you were still on the point from before. With reading, it is easy to go back to the line before or just take your time while reading the text. In all honestly as well, if you’re reading a book chances are if the book is boring, you’re going to be bored too. But hey, either way if it’s listening or reading, you’re going to have pros and cons about it.

While listening to the podcast, I took some notes on what I thought would be important. I wrote down names of all the voices that were played, Jay’s side of the story to the murder, the points made about Adnan at court and more. When it came to answering questions from the first assignment, having the notes was pretty helpful because knowing me, I would’ve forgot what was even said in the podcast. Fun fact, my short term memory is awful but I have a pretty good long term memory. I can remember the lyrics from my favourite songs in in 2010 but when it comes to remembering what I had for dinner last night, sometimes I have no clue. Memory is huge, and honestly, I can’t blame Adnan for not remembering every detail from the day of Hae’s murder, I don’t think I’d be able to remember either, especially if the time frame since then was 6 weeks… No way. I think the only way I’d be able to remember what happened during a day was if something important or memorable happened that day as well. But if it was just like any other day or like any other school day, chances are I don’t think I would remember much.

I think we can all agree that this must be tough on Adnan’s family. It has been 15 years since Adnan was convicted of murder and now having it go through Serial could cause them mixed emotions because they’re basically reliving what happened so long ago, and it’s definitely not something they want to remember.

After listening to this podcast, I know I want to listen to the rest of the episodes because Adnan Syed’s case is extremely interesting and I want my own opinion on whether or not I think he is guilty by the end of it. I read online that his case is actually being reopened, pretty interesting right? I wonder how that will play out at trial. Overall, it was an enjoyable episode and I think it’s cool having investigative journalism being illustrated this way. Did anyone else like it or are there some who didn’t? Let me know, I want to hear what you all think!


4 thoughts on “Why Read When you can Listen?

  1. Hey Duresa, I totally agree that this podcast was very interesting! I also tried to picture the faces of Adnan and Hae as I was listening to the story. I really like how you compared listening to podcasts and reading books, but personally I like reading texts as well. Based on this episode alone, do you think that Adnan is guilty or do you think there is not enough evidence, so he should be innocent?


    1. Hey Soo! I think that Adnan is innocent but it’s still pretty early in the podcast. From the facts from the first episode, it seems like he is innocent but I’ll be continuing to listen to the rest of the episodes to see how it all turns out!


  2. This story really fascinated me as well! Just the way the narrator told the story in the format of a podcast and how she had so many voices as evidences made it very interesting! I agree with you that Adnan can’t be blamed for not remembering events that occurred 15 years ago. I would say that I have decent memory. But if you asked me about what occurred 15 years ago on a certain day, I would be utterly clueless. I am also planning on following up with the rest of the series to see how it ends! Great post! Check out my thoughts on Serial at: http://keziahsblogs.weebly.com/blog/my-thoughts-on-episode-1-of-serial


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